How to Make Your Colleagues Hate You

If you want to irritate your colleagues, follow the instructions below. If you would like to build warm and friendly relationships with them, do the opposite.

1. Irritate them with Loud Talking on Your Cell Phone.
People around are not interested in what you are saying on the phone. Moreover, someone's phone ringing endlessly is very irritating. Never turn off your phone, talk a lot everywhere around the office, including the bathroom.

2. Forget How Colleagues Helped You
Having handled a difficult task or project never say that your colleagues assisted you. Be the winner, you don't have to share your boss's good favor with others.

3. No Sick Leaves
If you've caught a cold, come to the office. Get on everybody's nerves coughing and sneezing. Infect other people! They deserve it.

4. Have No Secrets
Although people usually sort out what they can tell about themselves and what they better not, don't care about it. Be ultimately open, mention intimate details of your private life, make them confused and shy, make them feel very uncomfortable around you.

5. Discuss Religious and Political Views
Not only you can raise up questions that are not usually discussed at work (for example, your personal life), but you can hurt your colleagues by making unpleasant notes about their political and religious views. Being a deeply intimate and personal choice, views on politics vary from one person to another. Moreover, there can not be any universal opinion that would be shared by everybody. However, try to persuade your colleagues that only your own views are correct. Be intolerable.

6. Be Nasty
Make nasty jokes about whatever you want. People do like jokes, don't they? Don't hesitate, make unlimited fun of people. Don't worry if someone decides to accuse you of sexual harassment or whatever, they simply have no sense of humor.

7. Spam Their Emails
Don't let people around you relax. Send them hundreds of stupid spam letters they won't ever read. Let your colleagues have fun deleting them.

8. Chew a Gum Endlessly
Never appear in the office without a pack of chewing gum. People around should not enjoy the silence, but the fantastic cracking sound of a chewing gum.

9. Don't Work Too Much
Why should you overwork if there are always people who can do your job? You can spend time enjoying yourself - talking on the phone, gossiping and laughing at your own dirty jokes.

10. Be Arrogant
Let people around you know who you are and where you stand. Feel free to talk down to them, then they will respect you.

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