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Favourite Children's books

There are several books that come to mind when thinking about children's books. There is the most fun book for preschoolers ever - The Very Hungry Caterpillar. This book is a fantastic read that keeps you going right to the end. It tells the story of a caterpillar who is, as the name suggests, very hungry. He's so hungry that he eats his way though many many different types of food. Each page turn reveals more foods, and encourages counting as well as interacting with the book. Each printed drawing of the food things has a hole in it and it's this that makes this book utterly charming and irresistible. If you haven't read this book to your children then you must buy it right now!

Ladybird books have been produced for years and one of the classics is The magic porridge pot! It's a fun traditional story about a magic pot that produces porridge on demand if you know the magic word! The fun starts though when the person who starts the pot off making porridge doesn't know the magic word for it to stop! It's based on a traditional folk tale and is enormous fun to read to small children - especially those who love eating porridge for breakfast!

As children get older the amount of books they enjoy grows and there's got to be room in there for some amazing classic tales for children aged 4-7 like "Not Now, Bernard" and Jill Murphy's "The Worst Witch". These stories are enormously fun and entertaining and will help encourage early readers to have more confidence to take on bigger and more complex story books. There are some authors with massive ranges of stories for children of a wide variety of ages - like Enid Blyton, E. Nesbit and Lewis Carroll. A more modern author incredibly popular with children is J.K Rowling. Her Harry Potter stories have really encouraged so many children to read that they should be included on every child's reading list. They are strangely addictive books although they become darker as the series progresses, they will grow with the child and are worthy of reading through the teenage years.

Roald Dahl has a huge variety of books and some have made their way on to the big screen. The animated version of James and the Giant Peach can be a great springboard for children to be encouraged into reading his books. They are magical and very enjoyable stories with some excellent characters in.

Whatever books your child reads you should be pleased that your child has a hobby that will grow with them all through their life!

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