Early Hollywood Leading Man - Cary Grant

There aren't many stars from the early days of Hollywood that ever commanded the leading man clout of Cary Grant. Grant is known far and wide as being one of the most charismatic actors to ever grace the silver screen. Cary Grant trivia will show that he was actually born under a different name, in 1904. His birth name was Archibald Alexander Leach.

Grant was actually born in Britain, and didn't move to the United States until the twenties. He toured to the United States as a member of a traveling entertainment group, and decided to stay, where he began to embark on a career on the stage. As with many stars of the time, his success started on Broadway. It was the early thirties when he both made it to Hollywood, and when he first started acting under the name Cary.

Cary Grant would go on to appear in some of the most popular comedies of the late thirties and forties. A Cary Grant quiz will show that films like Bringing up Baby and His Girl Friday are still among the best examples of this time period and the genre of the film. In addition to comedies, he also became famous for being an actor that Alfred Hitchcock enjoyed working with.

A Cary Grant quiz will show that he actually appeared in four Alfred Hitchcock films. His Hitchcock pictures were Suspicion, Notorious, To Catch a Thief, and North by Northwest. Hitchcock had wanted him to appear in another film but Grant had already retired by that point in time.

Cary Grant trivia will show that many feel that it is one of the greatest faults of the Academy that Grant never won an Academy award during his film career. He did eventually win the award when they granted him a lifetime achievement award. This was more than thirty years after the heyday of his career, and he was given the Lifetime achievement award in 1970.

Cary Grant personified the Hollywood lifestyle that was characterized by highly publicized and tumultuous relationships. He was married five different times over the course of his life. In addition to the many marriages and children throughout his life, he also was rumored to be Bisexual. This includes accounts by men that claimed to have relationships with him, and allegations to that effect by two of his early wives. Jokes about this situation represented in a lawsuit for slander against Chevy Chase.

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