Some Resolutions This New Year

It's New Year. Time to celebrate, time to kick start a fresh year but what is more essential is to resolve to do something better in that year. From here steps in the concept of New Year resolutions.

A resolution is a promise from one to one's own self and it is not meant to be broken. Some people resolve to lose weight, some to change their lifestyle, quit smoking and the like. But my point is that significant changes in one's attitude must be incorporated in one's set of resolutions.

Politeness for starters, most people forget the three golden words taught to them in kindergarten, 'please', 'sorry', and 'thank you'. Blame it on texting, hurry or madness this courtesy-starved generation is heading towards a tradition of rude and to the point mode of talking. Magnanimity, it is a universal fact that happiness doubles itself when shared. But the misers of the era turn a deaf ear. We all have truckloads of clothes (which we don't wear, and still keep piling stuff on) shoes and other things we find necessary. Donating what we don't use to the less privileged sections of society will not only add to our quota of blessings but also we shall earn the tag of a good human and emerge as a happier and positive person after the process. Optimism, now this is a tough one to attain. It takes a lot of time, energy and its share of conscious effort. Maintaining an affirmative stance is more important in situations of disorder, sadness and acute depression.

To achieve this one should always consider the long-term effects of a problem. A proper and well-thought out analysis can solve half of all problems a human can have. In this context, what I cannot forget to mention is one's faith in the almighty. True faith lays in the firm belief that god; the ultimate protector has a definite pre-planned plan for all his children. We humans are merely, fundamentally and invariably following his instructions. What we can do at most is pray, to make our wishes heard. This is in direct opposition with blind faith which implies accusing god for the wrongs in one's life. In the end, all will definitely be well is what we should abide by. Another virtue to absorb in our self is determination. If we are determined to reach our goals then no detractor can deter us. Belief in oneself is a crucial factor that shapes individual personality. After all, if we don't have faith in our self. Who will? To get our missions accomplished we need to have a considerably high level of self-confidence that will help us win laurels. Anger management, this applies to most of us. Hot blooded are we not? Anger can be truly recognized as the root cause of all our quarrels that transform into wars. Friends are lost, enemies accreted and family ties shattered. But who cares? We will abuse and shout at the loudest volume to say our point.

We shall not flinch unless the other person ceases to speak and eventually 'loses' the argument. Here, the tried and tested formula of counting slowly to ten works, it really does. And once you are habitual to doing it you will realize that you get angry less often and it is less intense. Punctuality is also something we can manage to perfect effectively thereby also efficiently managing time and regularity. Time, which is the greatest resource and is also greatly exploited by all can be saved. Finally a common yet undervalued resolution is adopting a hobby. It utilizes time, instead of killing it. Engages our mind productively, diverting it from television, and futile gossip sessions. And in the bargain we learn something new. Something we have always wanted to. Also, one thing we all forget to do, rather choose not to do is listening. We would much rather talk, chat, blabber for hours. Listening to other's perspectives and opinions broadens our horizon and helps us become more tolerant towards others. So you can see that this list is inexhaustible. There are so many good values to imbibe, traits to absorb and points to remember. So, include some of these and make your new year really happy.

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