The Sad Story of Rose's Journal

Rose's journal is the Story of a girl in the Great Depression. This book will help your child to go through 1930's. Rose was a girl living in a farm area in Kansas. It was the period of a great depression. The pages of the Rose's Journal take the reader to a different world. It is similar to the historical story. With the story of Rose, the writer makes the reader to go through the depression in 1930. The black and white photographs make the journal look more real. The entire picture depicts the life of Rose.

It can assist your child to take a look of how miserable life was for a little girl Rose. However, Rose's journal can be enjoyable for the young readers. It makes the readers to go through the fascinating period in American History. It was the time when Amelia Ear hart made her alone flight. It was from Hawaii to the place California. It was the toughest period in the American History. In this period, most of the Americans lived a miserable life. In short, they went through "Use it up, wear it out, and make it do, or do without." situation.

Every line in the Rose's Journal is very expressive. The print of this book looks like a notebook paper. It seems like a hand written one. It also consists of the drawings of the most vital things in Roses life. The most important things in Rose's life include her puppy, her family and a radio, radio was the biggest part of everyone's life before. Radio was the only entertaining instrument for the kids and adults.

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